Saturday, September 10, 2011

Li'l Kids Dance Class

The triplets are taking dance classes now. They so desperately want to do everything Cayden does, but they are not old enough for, well, any of it. I recently found out that one of my former students started her own dance studio, and we are now taking classes from her. The triplets are not the best listeners. Wait, let me rephrase, they listen well, they just aren't "doing" things yet. Wait, let me rephrase again, Bryce does some things, the girls just main watch and walk. 

Maybe they will inherit some awesome dance moves from Scott's side of the family. I hear Uncle Matt was quite the dancer back in the day.  :)

Aleah is in pink

Bryce doing his kicks, Cayley looking back at him trying to figure out what to do

Great form Bryce!  Aleah and Cayley walking, Aleah looking outside.

Waiting for the next set of directions to not really follow

Bryce can do the Bear Crawl

Cayley decided that the Bear Crawl looked OK to try.
The other moms at class told me that it is "normal" for the "new kids" to just mainly walk, and they assured me it would get better with more classes.  We'll see!