Sunday, September 4, 2011


While in Billings for a wedding, we stayed with my cousins Kelly and John.  They have some fun "toys" that they shared with our children, like...


Safety First!!!  Helmet, CHECK!
Cousin Alex helping Cayden with his helmet
 How much can a 6 year old learn in a 2 minute lesson???  He was very attentive!
Cousin John (Alex's dad) and Cousin Alex giving a quick driving lesson
 Nothing is better than a little hands on experience, with the help of an older cousin.
Cousin Alex is taking Cayden for a spin around the yard.
 Time for mom to have a slight anxiety attack.  Her "baby" off driving by himself...
 And the li'l kids were not to be forgotten... 
Cayley and Daddy

Bryce and Daddy. Don't let him face fool you, Bryce had fun!

Aleah and Daddy
And if you are wondering... Yes, Daddy went slowly, probably because this mom was out watching and was a nervous wreck!