Friday, May 6, 2011


 Gorgeous night Thursday night for our first "real" soccer game.  I don't know how real it was because I don't know who kept score (besides Cayden's Daddy!).  I don't think our team would have come out the winners if we did keep score, but it was LOTS of FUN to watch!
Aleah, Cayden and Cayley watching Cayden's teammates played.  They played 4 on 4, so Cayden was waiting his turn.


Cayden (Orange Shirt/Green shorts) chasing after the ball

Cayden (orange shirt).  LOVE this picture!  Look at the concentration.
 Needless to say, after his rotations (they played 5 minutes and then rotated players), Cayden came back sweaty and needing a drink.  These kids just run and run and run for those 5 minutes (well, most of them do anyway).  Like I said, it was sooooo fun to watch.  One of the boys on Cayden's team was confused and thought it was tackle football mixed with soccer and wrap up a child from the other team and bring him down.  So funny!  The parents on the side talked how the goal nets need to be bigger.  The kids would kick the ball in the general direction of the net, and miss by 2-3 feet.  Cayden did score a goal or two (not that we were counting), and had one bounce off the side pole of the net.  We really had fun!