Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We had quite the adventure over Easter Weekend.  My sister arranged for her family, my family and our parents to meet at a resort in MN.  It was a blast, granted we had some struggles.  Cayley and Bryce apparently drank a little too much chlorine water from the water park the first night we were there.  Just as we were about to turn the lights off for the night, we were startled by the sound of Bryce's tummy deciding it didn't want the chlorine water in it anymore, if you know what I mean...

We got to know the night/early morning housekeeping staff quite well, as they had to clean/disinfect our floor a couple of times plus bring clean bed linens and towels a couple more times.  Bryce was up most of the night, and then Cayley started in the morning.  Lucky for us, it seemed to only last through mid-morning, and things got much better as the day went on.  We were all better the rest of the weekend...

(Side-note:  Aleah then got sick Thursday after we got back and had to stay home.  Cayden luckily never did get sick at all -knock on wood!) 

Here's some pictures of our weekend...

Cayley and Grandpa
Aleah with Auntie Lisa

Daddy and Bryce - got to love that "Cheese" face
Easter Bunny Came!

Cousin Addy by the gifts from the Easter Bunny

Cayden and Bryce checking out their gifts

Bryce and Cayley hunting for Easter Eggs

Bryce:  "I found one! You get it!"  (he didn't want to go in the rocks)

Aleah found one!

Brycey:  "There's more!"

Bryce never did figure out how to put the eggs in his bucket carefully

Cayley getting a little help from Grandma

Cayden found one!

Strreeetch under the tree! (Cayden)

Mommy helping Bryce.  Not sure how I ended up with one of the girl's buckets.

Cayden searching under the tree for more.

Grandma and Aleah

Aleah and Bryce, sharing????

Cayley and Aleah in search of more!

The hunting crew... Grandma, Cousin Adison, Cousin Ash, Cayden, Bryce (is in my shadow), Me, Cayley and Aleah

Found them all!

The hunt is over!  (Not sure why everyone is looking at the ground)

Concentration!  Grandpa, got to love him!

In we go to get dressed for the day

What?  Auntie, you want to walk across the rocks????  You will have to come get us!