Monday, March 15, 2010

... Makes your heart sing.

This might not make your heart sing, but it sure did mine. After a long day of work, followed by job #2, followed by a meeting concerning my place of work, coming to a house where all kids were in bed before I could get home. I came home to find this in my garage.

Sidewalk chalk in the garage by wonderful 4 year old. So you have to look at the stick person just right to see it, and who doesn't love a little tic-tac-toe? This truly was what I needed to see when I came home. I couldn't help but smile and feel my spirits lift after the physically and mentally exhausting day I had. It really was just one of "those days" and this made it so much better.

And then to walk into a sleeping house, what more could a parent ask for, especially one day after "Spring Ahead" Daylight savings?