Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brush, Brush, Brush your teeth

Okay, here is my bad mommy moment. We, I mean, I just recently started brushing the babies teeth. And I haven't been that good about it. I am not always home to put the babies to bed because I am at my second job and don't get home until after they are in bed. Then in the mornings, they are often just waking up as I am on my way out of the house for job #1. Anyway... I have decided to do my best with this.

Quick (or not so quick) story of the first brushing: Started with Aleah as she is first in the room (left to right). She wanted nothing to do with it. Rather than fight with her, I moved on to Cayley. Cayley loved it! Brushed her teeth and went to Bryce. He took his pacifier out and opened wide for me. Brushed his teeth (and gagged him a bit). Then I went back to Aleah. She overcame her fear of the toothbrush after watching Cayley and Bryce and she enjoyed it also.

So now fastforward to this video... I decided last night to let the babies brush their own teeth (after I did my rounds). They thought this was great! You will see Cayley and Bryce took right to it. Aleah sat with her pacifier in her mouth. I took out the pacifier and then she brushed (sort of). What I didn't get on video is how ANGRY Aleah was with me when I took her toothbrush away to get them ready for bed. I had to pry it out of her fingers. Cayley and Bryce nicely handed theirs over.

Enjoy the video of the babies brushing their teeth by themselves for the first time!