Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Photos of the Girls

Here are some pictures of the girls.

Cayley: Cayley wasn't feeling too well after her nap. Grandpa just sat and held her. She sat there until it was supper time (a good 2 - 2.5 hours). You can't tell by the pictures that she wasn't feeling well. She saw the camera and smiled :)

And another picture of Cayley. I found this picture on the camera one day when I got home from work. One of the daycare/babysitters took it. (Have to love all of the toys, I feel like I run a daycare sometimes!)

Aleah: the girls are obsessed with these linking rings. Not to link, but to wear as bracelets. As one who doesn't wear much for jewelry but the standard watch, rings and earings, I was kind of shocked to see the girls put all of these bracelets on. It usually is Cayley with all of the rings (one time I think she had about 8-10 rings on one hand and about 6 on thd other), but today it was Aleah. Only Aleah was being creative and thought she should try them out on her feet.