Friday, February 19, 2010


Cayden started Karate in the beginning of January. Scott was able to see his first day of Karate. Watching 4-6 year olds learn Karate is really "entertaining." Anytime I'm having a bad day or stressed out, a little Karate sure lightens my spirits. Next week is testing. Here is Cayden's last practice before testing.

And one of his favorite activiities: "Jellyfish"


J&K said...

Notice how we were not there!? We decided to take a "hiatus" until probably this summer! The boys just weren't taking it serious! Good luck on testing! J&K

The Gibbons Family said...

I was wondering what happened to you guys!

We're thinking a break is headed our way also! By the time we pay for karate (our 2 month free period is up) and a babysitter for the babies, it is way too expensive for our household!