Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 Months (as of 11/06/08)

So, I'm a little late on getting this posted regarding the babies being 3 months old. We took a few pictures of them on their special birthday!

Have I mentioned how challenging it can be to get 3 babies to work with me for a picture? One will cry in one picture, then another one cries. However, I thought it was rather funny that Aleah's facial expression never really seems to change in these pictures. And Cayley always seems to be a little unhappy when her picture is being taken.

(Left to right: Aleah, Bryce and Cayley)


Barbara said...

Wow! I just look at these 3 babies and think what a miracle. They are sooo adorable. Then I laugh, because it like like Aleah is saying "somebody help me.....I can't get any peace!!"