Friday, August 29, 2008

The Babies are HOME!

It's been about 48 hours since the trio have arrived home. Surprisingly, things have gone pretty smoothly for the last 48 hours. Cayden enjoys checking on them and helping feed them. He thinks that they should hold their own bottles, so he tries to get their hands up there and gets excited when it seems that they are holding the bottle. He wishes he could do more, like burp them and get them in and out of their cribs. But he is doing his jobs as a big brother quite well. I couldn't have asked for a better big brother for these three little babes.

I am still in awe that they are home and that they are really our babies. I never imagined that I would have four children, but God works in mysterious ways. Apparently, He had greater plans for our family than I had imagined.

Here are some updated pictures.

After 3 weeks in the NICU, the babies are finally ready to come home:

The proud parents getting ready to leave with the three new little ones:

Car seats galore in our Explorer. Poor Cayden has to ride in the third row seating all by himself as the infant car seats don't fit back there by him when rear facing. Time to find a minivan!

Babies' Room

Aleah in her new bed:

Bryce in his new bed:

Cayley in her new bed:

That's all for now. More pictures to come!


Barbara said...

This is the COOLEST thing ever! I'm sooo excited for you!!

kreinke said...

OH my gosh!!!! That is so awesome!!