Monday, August 25, 2008

Babies are coming home WHEN????

The babies are scheduled to come home on Wednesday. That is less than 48 hours away. As Cayden would say, "Holy Cow!!" I can't believe that they are ready to come home already. They will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday. We talked with the neonatologist tonight. And he said that once these babies figured out how to suck, they really started to grow and prosper. I'm still in shock! Tomorrow night (Tuesday night), Scott and I will stay at the hospital (I thought I was done with hospital stays for a while). We will have a room there and the babies will stay with us. I guess they want us to do the overnight thing once while the nurses are handy in case we need any help. I was also told that Cayden can finally come up and visit the babies tomorrow night! It will be the first time that he gets to really be up close with them. I'm so excited for that, too. It is all still very overwhelming, but my support system here seems to think that we will all handle this just fine.

We have taken tons of photos of the babes, but I just haven't had time to get them on here. You would think that I would have more time while they are in the hospital, but there is so much to catch up on after being out of commission in the hospital for 9 weeks. Things are slowly getting themselves back in order though. We'll see what the next few weeks/months/years will bring though. I don't think my life will ever be in the same order as I once knew it.



Ruth Veselka said...

You are loved and I for one want to say that I believe you can do it. Know I'm thinking of you.

kreinke said...

I am guessing the babies are home and a handful so it will be awhile until we get more pictures, huh? Welcome to the world of multiples! There is nothing like it!! Take care, Kristi