Sunday, July 6, 2008

We're Back in Minot!!!

We are finally back in Minot. After 3 weeks in Minneapolis, we were all happy to get back here. Granted I still have to stay in the hospital, but I think Scott and Cayden were pretty happy to be back in their house. Plus, I think the dogs were excited to have them back too.

Update on babies... I had an another ultrasound done on Wednesday, July 2nd. They were checking on babies growth and development. All were growing nicely. The new estimates of the babies weights are Baby A: 2 lbs, 8 oz (3 weeks earlier she was 1 lb 13 oz). Baby B: 2lbs, 8 oz (3 weeks earlier he was 1 lb 10 oz) and Baby C: 2 lbs 6 oz (3 weeks earlier she was 1 lb 12 oz). My cervix had only thinned out slightly more, so they decided that I could go home, with the okay of the Minot doctors. I got to ride home with Scott and Cayden in the car. That was a nice fun car ride. I had to lay as flat as possible the whole way. Cayden and I dozed on and off and lucky Scott got to drive us the whole way. He did quite well. Grandma Connie and Grandpa Harley followed us home. They had come to Minneapolis on June 30th for my nephew Ashton's 2nd birthday.

The plan is to keep me in the hospital here in Minot at least until 30 weeks. Then they will do another ultrasound to check growth and development. This will be ultrasound #7 for this pregnancy. If things are still looking good and no changes, I might get to go home on strict bedrest. If things don't look so hot, then I have to stay until at least 32 weeks. (Right now I'm 28.5 weeks). The goal is to make it to at least 32 weeks without delivering, but the doctor said 34 weeks would be even better. I hope I can make it that far.

My belly feels huge. I'll have Scott take another picture one of these days. It's getting harder for me to get up out of the bed to use the restroom. And trying to roll from one side to the other is challenging. This might be too much for some of you, but when I roll over, I can feel my belly shift and then settle. It's really a strange feeling.

I think that covers the pregnancy updates. I'll keep everyone posted!