Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boys will be boys...

So, I guess Scott and Cayden have lots of fun together, and even get a little goofy! Here's some pictures that Cayden took of Scott and Scott took of Cayden. I'm not sure what they were thinking... But since I got a hold of them, I thought they should go on the blog.

This is Cayden and Scott giving their best "gansta" looks. What do you think?

Cayden showing off his muscles. I'm not sure why his shirt is on his head. Also, I should mention that on Cayden's right arm is a tattoo of 'Mater' from the movie Cars. He got that from his cousin Ash, in celebration of Ash's birthday. (It's been on for about 20 days now! It just won't wash off!)

This is Cayden showing you that the "Beach is that way". He is too funny!