Monday, May 12, 2008

They are...

2 GIRLS AND A BOY! The babies are labeled A, B, and C. The babies are sort of stacked in there. Baby A is the lowest on the stack and more on my left side. Baby B is in the middle and more on my right side. And Baby C is located on the top kind of to my left side and middle. Babies A and C are the girls and poor Baby B who is stuck in the middle is our boy. During the ultrasound on Friday (May 9th), Baby C was kicking baby A in the head with both feet! Let the sibling fights begin! All of the babies seem to be having a party in my belly, as I have really been feeling them move the last couple of weeks or so.

Here are some ultrasound pictures. Some of them picutres look like blobs, but I can make out a few of them. I think if you click on the picutres, you can enlarge them. (If you enlarge the pictures, hit the back button on your browser to go back to the blog. If you "x" out, you will close your browser window). The pictures say at the bottom of each picture what the picture is supposed to be. Good luck making sense of them.

The next picture is supposed to be a picture of all 3 babies. The top picture sort of shows all three babies. The bottom picture is supposed to be of all three heads. The ultrasound tech/nurse whatever she is called labeled the babies so the letter is right next to their heads or on the edge of their heads.


Spiky Sandy said...

Shayna, what cool pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! You're on my regular blog reading now. Keep the posts coming.