Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For our Southern Friends and Family

This may gross some of the northern friends and family out, maybe even some of the southerners too. But maybe not...

On Friday, Grandma and Grandpa Johnson made supper for everyone. Grandma got this wild and crazy hair in her (from a grocery sale ad, I think) to cook up some crawfish. Let me correct that... They were already cooked, so she just had to reheat them. They were actually quite yummy. However, I don't think that we served the south very well, as we didn't suck the juices out of their heads. Hmmmm... doesn't that sound appetizing? From what I hear, most of "ya'll" don't even do that yourselves, "ya'll" just talk big about it. :) Cayden tried a couple, but he told us that they were sour. Actually, they had a cajun seasoning to them, so they had a little kick that he didn't care for.

Here is a picture for you in case you haven't ever seen a crawfish. They look like little lobsters, but in my opinion they are more creepy than a lobster. The picture is a close up so they look bigger than they really are.

Love, Shayna


Rusty & Nicole said...

Sure does look yummy, sure could go for some good crawfish or scotts world famous low country boil!!