Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2 and A Half Hours Later...

We finally got to see Dora the Explorer and Boots! Dora and Boots were at our mall on Saturday. So we thought we would get to the mall around 10:45 thinking that it wouldn't take too long. Were we in for a surprise! We stood in line for 2 and a half hours so Cayden could get his picture taken with Dora and Boots. He wasn't sure what to think at first. He was okay standing by her. Then she slowly extended her hand, and Cayden thought that it would be okay to hold her hand. He did really well for waiting all that time.

This is Cayden waiting patiently. We had maybe been in line for 30 minutes at this time. Shortly after this picture, the company that was hosting the event brought sack lunches of hot dogs and chips to everyone. That was a huge life-saver for us!

We have the end in sight. Cayden decided it was cool to be up on Dad's shoulders looking at Dora. He would yell her name and then wave. He learned to do that because the little girl behind us was doing the same.

Cayden wanted to take a picture of Daddy. So this was Daddy's best pose. I think he wanted this fun to be over.

Finally, we get to Dora!!

Did I mention that this is how I got to spend my birthday? With hundreds of excited, screaming, crying, whining kids... It was worth it though. Cayden had a blast!



Heidi Jean said...

Shayna... You guys are so lucky! WE only wish we could have seen Dora & Boots. Brenden would have been so excited too. We are also Dora fans ;)

Rusty & Nicole said...

Cayden is the coolest, cutest kid ever!! We miss him to death!! Sounds like there was a lot of fun to be had at the mall, too bad we missed it!! :)