Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cayden's Skating Competition

Cayden competed in his first skating competition! He competed in two events in the Basic Skills Competition: Artistic Low and Snowplow Elements.

This is a video of Cayden's Artistic Event. He competed against a chicken and Mary Poppins. It was too cute! Cayden had a few chuckles (ok, quite a few) from the audience as he skated out to his starting position. Then he didn't want to listen to his coach (me) when I told him he needed to skate more one way, so he ended his program with lots of music left to play. I apologize for the video not being steady.

Enjoy my Pablo (from the Backyardigans)!

Cayden tied for Second place with his Backyardigans routine.

My Pablo!

Cayden during his elements event.

Cayden earned Second place in Elements.

Cayden so very proud of his two silver medals! He really had fun!