Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Photos from my cell phone

These pictures are really from the end of August.

Cayden and I took the babies around the block. I looked down at the end of the walk and Cayley (far left) and Bryce (middle) were holding hands. It looks like Aleah and Bryce might be holding hands as well, but I can't remember and I can't really tell on the picture.

Babies at Oak Park. Bryce is in stroller by himself. Cayden likes this because then he gets to be the helpful big brother and push Brycey around. Cayley is in front of the double stroller and Aleah is in the second seat. This is a change because normally Aleah is in front.

Cayden at Oak Park. It was tough to get him to stop long enough to take a picture. He had found a little "friend" to play with. He says it is a friend because he asked the little girl her name, so now she is his friend (haven't seen her since!)