Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleepy Children

There is nothing more precious than sleeping children. Here are some pictures we have of the munchkins lately.

Cayden wasn't feeling good one night, and Scott and I woke to him climbing into our bed. This is how we found him in the morning.

Here are the girls resting peacefully on afternoon (Aleah is in pink, Cayley is in green).

Let me out! I was getting ready for work on morning and Cayden comes running to me, "Mom, come quick. You have to check this out!" Poor Aleah was trying to bite her way out of her crib.

Cayley has always liked having something on her head when she goes to sleep. I went to check on her the other day, and she had her blanket in her mouth and fell asleep that way.

Bryce, leave it to our "chunky monkey" to fall asleep with one of his stuffed monkey's foot in his mouth (he has 3 monkeys, 2 are the same and the third one is different)