Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was at our house, and we had a blast. My sister, Lisa, and family came to spend it with us.

Here are the cooks hard at work... Grandma Connie helped by making the pies, sweet potatoes, and the gravy. Here is us working hard on perfecting our gravy! (Look at that concentration on our faces!!!)

Here is Cayden (3 years old) with his cousin Addy (5 years old). Cayden is holding Aleah (almost 4 months old) and Addy is holding Cayley (almost 4 months old).

Cayden's cousin Ash (2 years old) really loved holding the babies. Here is one of his turns holding Bryce (almost 4 months old).

Grandma Connie with Aleah

Cayley, she was being a wiggle worm when we tried to take this picture.

Bryce, now tell me he doesn't look comfy on his grandma's lap!