Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Start of a Blog

Well, we finally decided to start a blog to keep family and friends updated with the latest in our lives. Here's a quick update of what's been happening in our chaotic lives:

1). We found out we were pregnant in the middle of January.

2). We found out that Scott received orders the end of January. These orders are to Germany with a report date at the end of May.

3). We found out at our first Doctor's appointment (Feb. 15th) that we are expecting twins! We had to schedule another ultrasound at the hospital to confirm.

4). We found out that it's not twins, IT'S TRIPLETS!!!! The ultrasound we had done on Feb. 22nd confirmed that we are really expecting 3 little bundles of joy. I think the ultrasound techs (we had to have 2 to confirm what we were seeing) were as surprised as we were, especially when they asked if we were on fertility drugs and the answer was NO! (On the picture, top left is Baby C, bottom left is all three, top right is Baby A, and bottom right is Baby B).

So that's the excitement of how 2008 has started for us. As of now, Scott still has orders, but we are working hard to see what we can do to have them cancelled or deferred. I am not cleared to travel (imagine that), but the rest of the family is. We are waiting for our next Doctor's appointment which is March 31st.

The due date of the triplets is planned for full term of Sept. 24th, but from everything we have read, we hope to make it to 32 weeks or longer. We have told Cayden that Mommy has three babies in her tummy. Every night after his prayers, he kisses my tummy, rubs it and says "I wuv you babies" three times, one for each baby. Then Cayden makes sure that Daddy also does the same thing.

We'll try and update this blog as often as possible,

Shayna and Scott


Jill Backlund said...

Cayden - how sweet! Thanks for keeping us updated. Good luck to all of you!

JTveraa said...

Good luck you guys!! Everything will work out for you. Kiss Cayden for us - hopefully Scott will be able to stay put, you'd think they would be able to work that out due to the circumstances....we have our fingers crossed!! Your in our prayers, Pat, Jen, Natalie and Allyx Tveraa

JTveraa said...

That is amazing - Good luck you guys and remember to breathe - this will all work out. Hopefully Scott will be able to stay put. Your in our prayers, love always...Pat, Jen, Natalie and Allyx Tveraa

lyourkwhite said...

WOW! This will definitely be a FULL year for you. I will keep your family in my prayers. Keep us posted.

Grandpa and MeMe said...

After the big shockwe are very excited about our triplet great grandchildren,we are praying for you,Scott,Cayden and the babies. We are also praying that Scott can get a deferment from his overseas trip so he can be with you. Hope you box we sent never heard if it arrived? Soon as can be determined the sex of the future Gibbons's we will send another. Take care of yourself and tell Scott Granma say's to pamper you. Kiss Cayden for us we love you'all (6) Grandpa and MeMe.

Dixie said...

Congratulations 'A',
Congratulations 'B',
Congratulations 'C' !!!

I can't wait to hold all those babies!!
Kiss Cayden for me!
Love you all,

The Hindmans said...

Shayna and Scott--Wow, I am excited for you two and hope all goes well. Make sure you post where you are registered so those of us out of town can shower you with things you need! Good luck and remembering to breathe is good advice. God doesn't give you more than He knows you can handle!!

Marty Hindman

Tasha Ziegler said...

Congratulations! Those ultrasound pictures are sweet! Cayden will be a wonderful big brother.